Our Why.

Supporting Families in the NICU

Why was LifeSong Ministry founded?

 When we thought about starting a family, we couldn't have written our story the way it happened.  Our son, Gavin, arrived 6 weeks early, weighing 4lb 8oz. He was born with multiple birth defects, one of which was a disconnect between his esophagus & stomach (TE Fistula). He underwent surgery on his second day of life, and we spent 40 days in the NICU. The Lord walked with us each step of the way. While we were there we received homemade items from families who walked the NICU road before us. Those items, even the simplest ones, meant the world to us! 

We never could have predicted the journey that we would embark on in the NICU, and it is out of our journey that our passion for NICU families was born. Since LifeSong Ministry was founded in 2013, we have been blessed with the opportunity to support thousands of families across the nation through Bags & Boxes of Love. The main NICUs we work with are: the University of Minnesota Masonic Children's, Region's Hospital, St. Cloud Hospital and Minneapolis Children's. We work closely with hospital social workers to connect with parents who are in need of additional support, such as gas & grocery gift cards, car seats, etc. Each family is going through their own unique experience, so we strive to make each donation fit their needs. 

Many of you have felt the effects of Covid & the changes it has caused. LifeSong Ministry has remained steadfast in it's desire to support families during this very difficult time. We have had to change our approach & adjusted our deliveries to meet the criteria of the local hospitals. That being said, we are so grateful to continue our mission & we couldn't do it without the support of you!

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